Monday, September 8, 2014

Larger Scale

You may have noticed I've started to branch out into some larger books.

As terrifying as that may be for me, 
I'm answering many requests for larger scale journals. 
When creating, 
it is always in the forefront of my mind
 to keep to my aesthetic of blank, unique journals 
that are suitable for writers & artists alike. 

One day someone might say, 
'That's my journal!' 
and they get it; 
and when they write, 
the artist emerges; 
the Shakespeare emerges -
this is good. 

Now on Etsy, Lavande 
3 different panels of the same leather were stitched together for this cover.

Hand embossed patterns & vintage embroidered linen patch.

Richly stained archive text paper - beautiful for writing and drawing.

Soft, distressed, limp binding.


  1. They are beautiful, Louise! I know what it's like branching out into new territory--these will definitely cathc that prolific writer or artist's eye--my book is always next to me.

  2. Each of your books is beautiful, and the love and care you put into them is so evident. I treasure the two I have, and I'm always on the lookout for the next one that calls to me!


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