Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This journal has been in the making for about a week, as there was alot of paper tearing, staining, drying and pressing to be done. I wasn't actually sure of what the covers were going to be until I discovered this old linen lurking in my stash. Initially I was going to create a thick leather cover with fabric scraps, but that can wait for another project.

I took photographs of the stitching stages along the way, to show what was involved. I had thread and needles dangling all over the place and they love to entangle in each other - so you can only imagine... the opera on the radio was perfect for the concentration involved. 

Those of you who are familiar with Coptic stitching of large books will appreciate the little daydream of having elongated hands for a job like this. Yes, I could have used a sewing frame, but I choose not to.

Working in line with the colours on the old linen, I opted to use a mix of cream and light rust thread - I am happy with the finished piece. The images taken in the making are in the corner of my dark studio, so the colour is a little on the warm side. The finished piece was photographed in natural light, so the colours are more true.

Here it is, Springtime in the making, and made.

Aligning the cover for the final stage of stitching

About to stitch the back cover

Half way through stitching the back cover

More stitching

10 inches high


  1. I love the shape .. and the embroidery.

    it's so funny to think we are in the flip. springtime seems so far ago. happy spring!

  2. Louise, the form and feel of this book is soooo divine! I am just beginning a foray into bookmaking. . . in miniature of course. . . for my figurines and elves.

    You have inspired my world with YOUR art and I can easily say I have looked to your work often, and returned again and again, whenever I feel overwhelmed by the thought of taking on such projects and work. But books are like secrets of the soul waiting to be brought forward. . .

    Thank you for such inspired and artistic creation!


  3. Sumptuous spring journal! Gorgeous linen. Fascinating to see the stitching craft in progress. xxx

  4. Thank you Lisa, Nicolas & Sarah for your lovely comments. Always appreciate a visitor! Nicolas - that's great news - and wow, I am so inspired also by your work, and such a diverse range of it too. I'd love to see what you create with the books, they will be amazing! It's taught me alot of patience, I love to make them and see them evolve. :)

  5. Louise, this is truly a piece of art. A day doesn't go by when I don't have at least one of my books from you in my hand, studying it's subtle mysteries. Beautiful work!

  6. How very very spring-like this is! It almost dances out of the photographs!


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