Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Preservator

A long time project that I have returned to sporadically in between others, 
I have finally decided to announce its completion.
As it is passed forward, 
 new life and more additions await the pages within.

Loved making this, 
and it feels like parting with an old friend, 
that I know I'll never meet again.

It measures over 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide, 
with a 2 inch-thick spine.

I've returned to it repeatedly over the last 2 years,
adding snippets of ephemera, vintage & found,
ink stamps from my ridiculously extensive collection,
tiny envelopes,
printed matter & authentic vintage photographs,
it's all here...
320 pages.


  1. It's a masterpiece, Louise! You can see you've poured your soul into this work of genious.

  2. People call things a labour of love - and this one feel like it should be named so. It carries much of you with on it's next journeys. I wish it happy travels, and you gentle releases and farewells.

  3. Absolutely stunning. . . do I say that every post? Seems to be so true. . .

    Do you know that, as I begin my own journey into making miniature "whimsy" books for my little clay characters, it is YOUR work that inspires my heart to do so?

    Each piece you make is a treasure. . . beyond art-form. . . beyond product. ... something so alive I have to believe each must already be "chosen" for someone out there. It is just a matter of that person finding their way to it in time.

    I cannot imagine a more soulful and graceful work of art than your books.


  4. It really IS a masterpiece. Congratulations!


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