Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The September Bundler

I thought I'd kick off this month with a variation of a previous design, The Bundler.

I let myself go a bit with this one - 
it emanates a rich bohemian life. 
Prior to opening it, 
you might imagine it is already full of words, 
snippets of nature, 
photo-booth mugshots, 
and small corners of paper napkins with phone numbers
 or strange cartoons on them.

I have some vintage linen covers in the press, 
more paper stained and waiting to be bound, 
more paper to be ordered. 
There are small pieces of leather in my stash -
I am gathering them up, 
like leaves in autumn.

I smell jonquils, 
daffodils & other spring flowers in the air; 
and despite the heavy persistent rain, 
I'm out in it, 
soaking it up, 
while getting soaked myself. 

Only then, 
is it the best anyway. 


I love to read your comments & thoughts!

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