Saturday, October 11, 2014

Boho Wrapture

A new book
the last to list for a few days as I pack up house and move, 
for the first time in over 3 years. 

The space that has been home,
is now just a construction of borrowed space, 
with memories embedded in the walls. 

I imagine them whispering, 
what of their words?

Every time I move I say;
"One day,
I'll build my own house."

- A dream I'll never let go of.

Even if it starts with a tent,
on a vacant piece of land.

Even if not to stay;

but to return to,
over and over,


  1. So beautiful! it calls to be cuddled and cherished!
    I'll think of you my friend, I'm just moving my studio, and it seems hard enough... Good luck for your house moving and keep on and nurse the dream of your own built home! :-)

  2. As usual your work is stunning. I want to buy one for myself, but it will have to wait until after Christmas. I live on a fixed income unfortunately. Hope you do really well during the upcoming holidays!

  3. m.m.m.m ... to be wrapped in flowers .. so dreamy.
    love the play on "wrapture" .. very clever!!!

    hope you have a successful move-out and a quick move-in and your new digs feel like home in short order :)

  4. Oh another beautiful creation! I have enjoyed looking at all your beautiful creations, after being missing from the blog watching world for a while. I hope the move has gone smoothly, and the new place is welcoming and home like very quickly. As for the dream of your own built home - keep believing it can happen!


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