Monday, October 6, 2014

Ledgers & Things

Another miniature sketchbook got made -
ledger style with fold out pages. Get it here.

A large leather journal was put together,
 with some raw-edged remnants I dug for in the studio.

A ledger format journal was created,
 with a dragonfly theme - 
we all know it wasn't going to be long,
 before one of these showed up in my store again ....

Between all this, I found a vintage map and wanted to stain it. 
It pained me to tear it into bits in the first place, 
but I had bought it specifically to use 
as endpapers for travel journals
 - and so it goes. 
It was backed with linen, 
and of course this detached itself in the staining process. 
I marveled at this event, 
I felt like an archaeologist - 
yet lacking the appropriate tools to handle these artifacts.  
With wide eyes, 
it seemed like laying out pieces of skin, 
piece after piece, 
delicate and old.


I will of course return with updates.


  1. Such beautiful journals, and breathing life and love into the antique map. Love the insights into your creative talents and processes :):)

  2. I enjoy reading about your work process, Louise. The ledger is...well, what can I say: BEAUTIFUL! I love mine so much and have it in the hand every single day.

  3. I adore the shape of the ledger. . . and just the word alone has inspired my 10 minute book writing today. A mystery about "the ledger". . a tally of magic and spells and all things spirited and unseen. And a keep of the ledger to hold these secrets close. :) I'll share it with you when it is completed.

    These are ALL beautiful and inspired. A weaving of possibility and endless creative fire. . . .


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