Friday, December 19, 2014

More Tales in Tapestry

A new book completed yesterday, likely the last of a bunch that will be drip fed into my store for the rest of the year. Tales await the blank tea-stained pages, which rustically rest in folds between the leather, like paper petticoats. I sometimes feel the urge to write in my books but I know they are not for me.

I resist the urge and continue creating more. Someone will pour their tales here, stories not for me, or anyone; just for the someone who writes. I feel like I am unfolding a secret, a whisper yet whispered, a tale yet told.

I present the paper, to the unsuspecting soul who discloses the unthinkable and impossible dreams, yet believes in them so deeply that perhaps by the end of the book, they are living it.

The power of the written word. Actually picking up a pen, and writing it down.

This will happen. That will happen. I will do this. I will go here with this person. Achieve that.

I think there is something in this.

A little sojourn up the coast, and I captured these images. An unfinished journey, and I shall return and go further afar. There is much to be discovered in this land of ours.

The book, Tapestry Tales (a name I have used over and over... I guess they are a family or sorts) is now available here


  1. What a joy to see those images Louise! Each of them an unfolding story in and of itself.

    I dream of places like that, the worn and the well-loved. Which is clearly part of what I adore about your books. . . though new, they remind me of tales unbound by time or tide. . .

    Sorry to have been so absent this last month but the holidays truly took over around here and I am finally finding room to breathe and to dream of new creations and stories to explore. . . and so I come to see your newest and to indulge in that "always" inspiration. Thank you for being such a jewel. :)

    Happy holiday!


  2. Nicolas, thank you so much for your kind words. :) It's nice to find you here again. And here I was thinking it had been me who was absent!
    Yes, the well worn and well loved, places with stories, places to put the stories. It's all relative.. I guess, thank you for bringing that to light. Off to get to your message!

  3. ...this one is totally unexpected. I love opening up from a brochade door into the topographic mountainous region...just like a great story should.


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