Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Paper Folding

I was folding paper, and there was not enough. 

The book would have been too thin.

So I did what was the most obvious thing, and tore it all in half. Viola - twice the thickness, smaller book. 

I could have kept going.... But as I had already stained the paper; once I had torn it a second time, the edges were too white on one side. 

To stain again? 

A-whole-nother day of waiting?

I had a pot of tea made, with some linen soaking in it. Taking my paper stack, I dipped one side of it in the tea. After blotting it with a towel, I set to laying the half-wet sheets out to dry.

Looking at it reminded me of Joss paper - I had bought some in my early teens from an The Indian Emporium up in Karangahape Road (which sadly, after 30 years, has long since closed, but it was a wonderful store with all sorts of treasures). Joss Paper is actually traditionally Chinese and also known as ghost money. 

I was standing next to the iron (on its last legs) and taking a wet piece of paper, decided to iron it lightly. It slowly dried - simultaneously creating more of a Joss Paper appearance. 

So kneeling down, I ironed the lot. 
Two didn't survive. 
But the delight!


This little book will be a sweetie.
I created a leather cover for it which is sleeping overnight in the press. 

Tomorrow I will marry the two.


  1. How fabulous is that? I love what happened and how it happened and what will happen next - what a gorgeous discovery!

  2. I love the effect! Simply wonderful what can happen unexpectedly.

  3. Love what you have created....I love the idea of ironing tea stained paper !!! and ... I had such a "flashback" when you said Indian Emporium. There was one in downtown Providence, RI and it was one of my most favorite places to go to. Whenever I go into a store that has essence burning....I flashback to that too !!!!!


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