Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Days of Yore

Another book, a lovely extra thick one for all those prolific writers, such as myself.

Here is a new book, I was stitching for so long I thought I would stitch into the night. I made two covers like this, the other is yet to hold pages. Today I will stitch them in.

Finally after much deliberating and figuring out how to make it work, I have constructed a standing desk in the 'office' corner of my house (for my computer work - my studio is elsewhere and I also stand there). Already I am noticing how much more alert I am while working on things. I recommend it...  Apparently sitting is the new smoking, so reading that is enough for me....


  1. I also like to stand while I teach--or at least jump up to write something on the board--for that alert feeling. Wish I could do that with sewing.

    Beautiful gorgeous stuff you make!

  2. I can see you doing that Dawn! My desk is for my computer work, I stand in the studio as well. Sewing requires sitting, yes - my Grannie was a seamstress :)

  3. Oh what a beautifully rich and thick creation! I love standing to create (or sitting on the floor) - I will need to see about making a space to create at while I stand. A grand idea!

  4. Interesting - I sit to stitch but stand to do my calligraphy. I hadn't thought about sitting being the new smoking- a great way to remind myself! Go well.

  5. One of my favorites due to it's size and, of course, the "key" to everything! I am not surprised to find it sold already!

    I have read this too and have to say, after 15 years of being on my feet every day running coffeehouses and walking to and from work in the city, the last three years being a full time, in-studio creator has been an interesting change. And the fact I went from standing all day to sitting is one of the biggest changes. This past few months I have begun exactly that. . . changing the amount of time I sit as I have read all sorts of things about how bad it is for the body but then, I did not need to. I can tell you that while my feet may have been achy much of that 15 years, I never had the body aches I have had this past year from sitting so much! Back to daily walks and as much time on my feet as my work will allow!!! I never thought about a standing computer station though! That alone would alleviate about two hours a day of sitting! Thanks for the inspired thought!



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