Thursday, January 1, 2015


One of my favourite places on earth, Karekare beach.
It's the new year. 

A happy one to all of you.

Let it be good.


More air, creativity, long walks, friends, love, spontaneity. 

This little one got finished from my last post.

It's adorable and part of me wants to keep it.

So much to ponder.

What will fill the pages?

Where will it live?

I ask too many questions.

Whatever will be, will be.


  1. Oh--you are full of surprises--don't tempt me again!

  2. that beach looks like a dream! and the book with that little floral petticoat :) have a wonderful new year, wishing all the very best for 2015! xx Aniko

  3. Spectacular. And oh those pages!!!

  4. Oh I love those pages! as well as the beautiful little skirt on the cover. The image of the pages is such a delight, I must go look at it again before I leave! Best wishes for a wonder filled 2015!


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