Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The End of January

The paper from my previous post, was made into this:

And within almost seconds, it sold.

With the left over blue stained paper, I created this:

Vintage, hand-aged canvas

Vintage maps & my special blue-stained paper.
This arrived in the mail.
The tiniest package ever, 
linen thread from Northern Ireland - 
a 4-inch long parcel - 
I fell inlove with it immediately.

 I also received a wonderful postcard all the way from Samos in Greece, 
thanks to the talented Alek from infinitystop
It is the little things.

Yesterday afternoon in the studio, 
I completed two more books, 
which I subsequently listed in my Etsy store.

Ex Libris Journey, a mix of old and even older.

Vintage key, antique & reclaimed leather.

Vintage Ex Libris bookplate, tea-stained pages.

Burgundy & black reclaimed leather, with a vintage clock hand.

Vintage maps....

Tea-stained pages...

In between all of this, I found a new home, 
so may be sporadic in my listing of things,
until the settling in takes flight.



  1. Each of your creations is a world of it's own. Beautiful!

  2. I can see why your book sold in seconds - so amazingly beautiful- as are all of your books. I love those blue pages. I hope all goes well settling in to your new home.


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