Friday, July 31, 2015

Last of July

The middle of the year, 
and we are on the way to the warmer weather, 
over here in New Zealand. 

Already, I noticed a magnolia tree in bloom, 
seemingly sprouting out of nowhere -
 in a matter of hours.

What marvels of nature -
and what a smell that spring brings. 
...only weeks away... 
Perhaps I will plant some bulbs, 

Two new books are in store; 
something to sketch in - and, 
something tiny to write those little mantras.

Lately I have been craving making a tiny library, 
so this is next on the agenda, 
amongst other things.

The fabric in this little journal actually belonged to my beautiful late Grandmother.
I have hand aged it, I love to make use of it,
and get understandably precious with it! 

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