Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Thought Log

I remembered a certain journal I made a few years ago, and decided to resurrect it with a few changes.

These larger journals are always a challenge for me, but I love them once they are complete, and seem like they have a really important job to do. I do wish I could follow my babies to their destination, and see what becomes of them. They are certainly doing alot of traveling - more than I might ever know!


  1. My first journal from you (of my three) was one of these long ones, and I love it so dearly. I always have one of your journals within easy reach. They are simply a part of my life.

    1. You're a phenomenal artist! I absolutely love your work! It's like literal magic when another artist inspires me in my own work as much as yours does!
      I desperately want to purchase this Journal!?
      I havn't seen it on Etsy?
      I would truly appeciate it if you could get back to me -with info regarding buying this one!
      (I've only recently joined Wordpress, I forgot if my email contact is here)
      It is -I'll also try to contact you throng Etsy.
      This Journal is for such an Important documentary/auto/biography project-
      (never before recorded in any book of my Tribe)-This great knowledge must be saved for many generations to come!
      Knowledge of my people-that Anthropologists have been searching to discover-for hundreds of years that we have never exposed!
      So, that is my quest! -I'm going to record the oldest (unknown) Traditions/life-ways/beliefs/ancient mystical stories/experiences of my Tribe, as well as our very sacred Visionary (Seer) ways (or as some people call us "shamans"), and all the teachings I've received over the span of my life. Along with the historical stories of my own mentor, whom was (everything to me!) he was our Chief-my family-and my dearest best friend, whom I also wish to honor by these writings, of some of the oldest sacred ways (none of which have ever been allowed to be documented/recorded, in any way)- until now!
      -I won't write on just any old notebook!
      The Journal I need must be created with 'Heart' and this great beauty-exactly as you create them!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, I will reply to your Etsy message soon. As you can see by following the link in bold 'The Thought Log' this should take you to the store, this journal sold last week. Your journey sounds absolutely divine in most every way possible! What an honour to have one of my journals go to you. Your words touch my heart, you are so kind. Thank you again. :)


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