Friday, August 7, 2015

The Quest

Finally, I got to make use of this vintage leather, 
which I found at a market on Waiheke Island a couple of years ago.

Originally a wallet, 
I discovered it nestled amongst a bunch of other vintage leather things.
With its worn, aged appearance & rich tones, 
it stood out for me the most. 

I simply had to have it. 

I removed the insides a while ago, 
but only yesterday I decided to line it with old fabric pieces in my stash.
I had hand-torn some carefully measured paper, 
which I stained prior to stitching.

Finishing it off with the old silk tie I discovered lurking about,
it seemed to be the perfect compliment.

Now listed in my online store.


  1. That is magnificent, Louise! When I look at the journals in your blog and shop, and those dear three I have, I have to think of the people you've made happy around the globe, to far places in the north, and far places south, the tropics, the highlands...and I imagine the stories they contain.

    What a heady image. Most inspiring :-)

  2. Dawn, thank you so much. How I would LOVE to find these journals and find what marvels of minds have been poured into them. I never see them as finished. Just if they can be someone's friend for a time, and walk along side them through something in their lives, that makes me happy. Like your bags, and the things they are filled with, the people that carry them and places they go. Perhaps a journal of mine is in a bag of yours, somewhere. :)

  3. Believe me, Louise, your journals are always in my bag XXX


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