Wednesday, September 30, 2015


This has been going on.

I marvel at these two colours aligned together.
I imagined others -

and today I found myself at the art shoppe, 
standing before a myriad of inks.

Eyes wide.

I've always gone for blue.

I thought it might be like writing in the sky,
or on the sea,

as though I'd seen myself floating
from above, 
and wanted to caption my image.

What would it say?

Present dwellings, perhaps?

a vision of mine from Bondi beach, colour infrared film, some years ago.

reclaimed dark brown leather,
teal-blue tea-stained paper,
Irish linen thread.




  1. stunning! I love teal, saw a blanket the other day that was teal. I was so drawn to it. I love the combination of colors and the beading!

  2. What a color, and what creative energy and magic you weave...

  3. Splendid! I love that ocean color you gave to the paper ...

  4. No wonder--it SOLD. It is no less than extraordinary--the texture of the leather, the deep teal pages...and the warmth.

    As poetic as your beaches.


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