Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Current Obsession

Beautiful, inspiring work

I just picked up two books from the library:

(this one for the 3rd time)

Looking through them builds so much 
inspiration for me.

Whether it is because I adore the interiors;
 spaces or things within them,

Or that I might see my hand bound books 
amongst the beautiful chaos,

Or find things that I own on the shelves,
such as wooden lasts,
large old wooden spools,
a cloth measuring tape,
vintage stamps,
antique postcards;
the shelf, itself.

These drawers...
the hands on the right-
crystals from the chandelier..

forgotten souls..

tapered waist,
soft, old linen & cotton..

Thank you, Mr. Blomquist for the inspiration.

Absolutely wonderful.

You can follow Hans on Instagram

And read an Interview.

What inspires you?

Today after a run on the beach,
I deliberately left sand on my feet
and carried it into the studio 
where I worked with it 
all afternoon.

Sometimes it's the little things.


  1. Yes Louise, I can see you in one of these stunning interiors handbounding your books! And I would love to be there, too, watching you while you are working:)
    In this moment, while I'm writing this comment, I've on the table in front of me the wonderful journal you sent me some months ago to Italy. I adore it!
    Ciao from the other side of the world
    (P.S.: Hans Blomquist is great!!)

  2. I love his books too. wabi-sabi inspires me

  3. i love, love, love In Detail...i never tire of looking through it, every time i find something new i hadn't noticed before. when i read the reviews...some said it was "just a book of photos of dusty old things"...i knew then i would love it...because dusty old things are unique and they have character and yes, they inspire. i haven't read The Natural Home, but i'm going to look that one up now...

  4. Louise, it's the way you write that is so thrilling...tracking sand into the that is inspiring me.

  5. Oh yes what inspiration. These images are amazing, and your beautiful books would fit in perfectly. Today after my run I could track in some snow... but I think your sand is a much better idea, so I am watching the birds amongst the snow, and they will inspire me (as they always do). Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing these beautiful images as well as the beauty of your handmade books.


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