Monday, December 14, 2015

And The Story Goes On

Have you ever opened a book half way, and started reading, just to see if you liked it?

Read a bit, then go back to the first page to see if it grabs you?

That's how I usually do it. And if there is a photo of the author I'll keep having to look at that too. (this story came from that mind... why why?)

I'm not much one for novels, I always feel like I am missing out. I have to check what's happening in real time. I enjoy autobiographies, or adventure stories, people who didn't plan to be writers but chose to tell their story, and ended up so. What makes a writer then?

It all depends.

I consider myself a writer, because I write nearly every day, and have done so for over 2 1/2 decades of my life. But because no one reads what I write but me, I am only a writer to myself. No one knows this information unless they catch me in the act. I write profusely, with ridiculously small handwriting that people have commented on because of its size. 

They might think I am fancy but really, I just like to save paper.

If I have a journal, I'll use every single part of it. That's why I like to create journals which open flat, so you can get to every part of the page. Being left-handed, I often found books that I had to lean on with my elbow while writing, which rendered my writing messy and made me want to start again. I am very particular in choosing journals.

Open flat, have no lines (limitations), not too big, not too small.

A new one is complete today, along with a little necklace - which has an adorable antique linen button on the front. I got out a tiny paintbrush, and brushed cold tea over it to make it Bibliographica-ized.

Did anyone say Christmas? 

I didn't hear.

The Story

(it just sold)


  1. Your books are so dear to me, Louise. First of all, they are so wonderful in the hand--soft, buttery soft and STRONG--all of my books are steady partners, and beautiful to boot. I love looking at them, opening them, they are simply a delight.

    To give them as a gift...that is the perfect gift. How do I know? Because I have been the recipient of 3 of your books, each one absolutely it's own character.

    Pearls--all of them.

  2. Louise,

    This post is especially touching and it offers a lovely glimpse into the clockwork of your own writer's heart! As the New Year approaches I find myself filled with a renewed sense of responsibility to "reclaim" my origins. Writing and daydreaming among them. . . and yes, to use every inch of space in a book/journal, on a bag or notecard or receipt. My childhood was filled with these and I want to embrace that part of my creative origins again. Your words stir something inside that longs to be remembered and, more importantly, reclaimed. Thank you, dear Louise, for always being an inspiration and a creative touchstone.

    You create such magic that allows others to dream of the same!!



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