Saturday, January 2, 2016

Searching in the Sea

I just completed a new journal, 
which I have been working on for a while...

But first journal to finish for 2016.

Hand tearing paper, 
staining it & then re-staining for the added blue effect.

I enjoy this process, 
the space to create is filled, 
the floor and benches covered with paper.

I love looking at it all, wet, 
knowing what it will become.


  1. I wish You Happy New Year 2016!

    This kind of research can be encouraging experience.

  2. Again, the subtle gradations of the dyes, the luxurious leather and the perfect proportion--a work of art!

  3. Indeed. . . a work of art. . . love the colors and the richness/style of the completed piece. This is a manifest for a soul's journey into a new year and into the undiscovered worlds within. Do you know I really think that if every person had a book like this to fill, the world would be a far better place. More creative. More alive. . . as that is what dreams, set into motion in words and ideas, always do. :)


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