Monday, February 29, 2016

Striped Stories

For this last, rare day of February, I completed 'Striped Stories',
in between a few custom orders I have on the go.

It is a primitive, worn old looking journal,
just waiting eagerly for stories, sketches and musings.
A wandering, wondering ponderer,
indeed may find it.

I went to the library today and collected a pile of books,
which were at once inspirational & educational - 
all pulled at my heart-head strings simultaneously.

I clutched them to my chest in the rain,
thinking of all the information I held in my arms.

Soon I will go to explore them,
with the thick mist outside,
intermittent rain drops on the roof,
and last of the evening cicadas that are being 


by crickets.


  1. Stunning book Louise! LOVE the stripes! They evoke a time and place I cannot recall exactly at the moment but I love it! Like old cafe wallpaper. . . espresso and notebooks. . . clatter of dishes and the smells of cinnamon, nutmeg and cocoa. . .

    I did the exact same thing yesterday. . . planning to write about it later this week. . . I picked up an armful of books at the library and got home, spread them all over the bed, flopped down and allowed the rainy afternoon to drift by while reading, bouncing from book to book. All part of a plan to really pay attention to my inner child at a deeper level. I am trying to remember exactly what made those times so grand for me. More than music, tv shows, etc, I am trying to get right to the heart of it and the book-pile-thing came to me over the weekend. How much I loved to have more books than I could possibly read around me. Finishing was never the point. . . just being able to drift and dream from one to another at will. Never running out of possibilities it seemed. . . glorious!

    Enjoy your dear book friends too!

  2. i just love the stripes, oh dear, i now want this one too! patiently waiting the arrival!

  3. Thank you Helga & Susan!

    Nicolas - love the picture of you with your pile of books. It was so similar to mine, I laughed. I still have this pile of books, there are 9 at present, and one is waiting to be collected. I have also been jumping from one to the next - as a few are reference books with awesome indexes. Go the rainy afternoons and books and peace! Reading is so, so good for all the points you mention. No screens, just our own imagination. Thanks again for your lovely comment on my work. x

  4. ANother beauty, love this stripped fabric, it reminds me of attics don't ask me why... reading you is always a pleasure, it's poetry plus gorgeous pictures, a true inspirational journey

  5. The atmosphere you paint with words--you are a writer! Louise, I'm always amazed by the beauty you make.

  6. Lucie - thank you, an attic! That's an interesting perspective. I love attics! Give me one any day with a library ladder and library. :) Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it!

    Dawn, you flatter me, I love to write but sometimes wonder what folks make of it, here is my little place in the world for now, you're a writer too! And I'm equally amazed at the beauty you make. Imagine the store we could have! .................


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