Monday, February 15, 2016

These Things are Made of This

When I started bookbinding, I created small notebooks and journals. 
Mostly because this is the size I used for a long time. 
And for those of you who know me,
you will know my writing is very tiny.

Often I have got requests for larger books, 
and lately I've been creating more. 
I find I am enjoying this challenge alot.

A few years ago I created a very large journal,
 full of snippets of vintage & antique paper ephemera, 
including postage & ink stamps... 
gatherings from left over pieces I had used in other journals, 
that were too precious to throw away. 

This took months. 
I added to it a piece at a time, 
sometimes I would spend longer with it.

 This journal became like a meditation space, 
it never reaches completion.

However recently I had decided the binding was not up to standard.
 I have improved in my practice since then, 
so I took it apart, 
as painstaking as this was-
 saved all the signatures and rebound it.

This is a feat.

Soon I will be releasing it into my store.

There will never be another one like it.

I plan to make a little video of it, 
since it would be too many photographs to show the whole thing.

More to follow.

1 comment:

  1. I will be holding my breath until your treasure is listed!
    In the meantime I am . . .

    . . . turning blue:-)

    Ps. Are you sure you are ready to send your "Baby" out into the world? I am ready to receive it, if you are.
    I have loved and cared for every journal you have sped my way. Breathlessly awaiting each one's arrival!


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