Saturday, February 20, 2016

Through the Lace Window

Uncannily as it may be - as I type this,

I am being watched by the moon 
through the thick forest outside my window. 

It's full - wondrous, inquisitive & inspiring -
even to those indifferent 
to the magnificence & magnitude 
of its presence.

And timely is this,
for the newest addition to my store
features a full moon of vintage lace
on the cover flap.

These summer days in the atelier,
I treasure.

the daily affair, of late

yours truly, with a recent custom work


  1. One word: magic. When I think that we share the same full moon, and you are on the other side of the world...
    I just love your selfie, Louise!

  2. Thank you, Dawn! The moon is a wonderful connector of all things. Well you inspired me from posting images of yourself, I am so shy infront of the camera, I'll try to take more, more often :)

  3. What beautiful creations you make. I especially love this one, as I too have been enjoying the bright moon these past clear evenings.


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