Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Last of that Linen

Sadly it's come to and end - 
but for a little snippet left of it sans embroidery, 
it's over.

The linen I mention was featured in this journal,
as I wrote about here.

I have just used the back of this piece,
 to create the B-side, Prairie Dreams.

I love the little butterfly on the top right...

The atelier is a humming little place these days,
with several orders on the go at once,
everything around me just makes my eyes



  1. I have a box. . . ok, several boxes. . . of materials I have collected for "future projects". Vintage tidbits and swatches of fabric or papers. Reading this just made me realize that I never open them because, all of them are random assorted pieces that, once I use them, will be gone for good. I felt the sadness of you using the last of that amazing linen. But what you created will allow it to live on, in several places, forever. I need to remember that and not be such a hoarder. :)

    Book update: Just as before, armfuls of books. . . popping in and out of them as it suits. No change in sight and I love it! : )

  2. Well I think diving into that box is going to be worthwhile. I have a few of such boxes. I don't mind so much using the last of things, there were only two pieces of this and they were quite small, so I am happy to have used them both up in a short time - I loved them. And hope as you say, someone else will love them too.
    Love your book update! Mine is the same ;) x


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