Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Little Daydreamers

These sweet little ones 

are just waiting for some majik 

on their blank pages.

What do you day dream about?


  1. How darling, Louise! I like that fresh colour inside, contrasting to the weathered outside.

  2. Oh Louise these beauties tugged at my heart - especially the little one. My heart especially likes little, but I have no idea why. I rushed to your shop to see if they were available, but some other lucky soul saw them before me. Probably for the best as I am not sure I would have had the courage to draw in them.... although they would have been hugged a lot.

  3. Dawn, thank you - the paper was a snippet left, I thought it wasn't faded enough but it seemed to work.....

    Kim, you are too kind! Of course you could write and draw in it.... your work is intricate and delicate, you have nimble fingers! I am planning to make more miniatures since they bring so much pleasure, like you I've always had a love for anything tiny!

  4. ohhhh. . . today, daydreams of being a bee. . . settling on the smallest, sweetest blooms, tiny pimpernels and forget-me-nots tucked in the folds of the fields. The warmth of the sun on my body and the joy of foraging. Flying until the light begins to fade and then, turning for home. . .

    These books. . . their potential and possibility. . . these are what dreams are made of. :)


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