Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Preservator

It's finished, and listed.......................

Humbling it is to release the fear
of letting this one go out into the world.

It's been created and recreated
over 4 years of my life.

So much energy in these pages
from far away lands

mystery ..

and more to add.

These days of wonder.


  1. Delving into these pages is a journey itself! Such beautiful work, Louise.

  2. PS I just went to the listing and saw that it sold! Some person connected with it immediately--those torn pieces of ephemera, so lovingly salvaged and made new again, a view into a world we can only dream of...

  3. I feel I have no right words to comment on this beauty! It will give magical powers to the lucky one who'll have the honor to write in its pages!

  4. Dawn - thank you for your words, so much appreciated! And you too Lucie, yes I think some majik is in there for the lovely customer :)

  5. An absolute work of art Louise. . . from the soul, part of you intrinsically woven right into it thru time and intention. How difficult it must have been to truly let it go!! : )


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