Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Wandering Gypsy

This book, 

these creative last of summer days, 

what majik.


  1. Just beautiful, Louise! Majik is the word. :-)

  2. There was a time when this book would have described my heart. . . long ago, when the moon exerted Her pull and the earth seemed to drift beneathe my feet. Much better being rooted now so the creative soul can drift to the ends of imagination but the spirit of the Gypsy, of the vagabond heart, is in this creation of yours and it feels as much a work of Majik as those days of olde.

  3. If there is one mystery (ok, so it's not so much a mystery, but a "happening") of this Earth that endlessly fascinates me and that I simply adore it's that you, in your world are experiencing the last days of a season that now raises it's head upon our horizon. And for me, the last days of Winter are opening into the first of Spring. What wonders! Somehow appropriate for the essence of the Wandering Gypsy. . . attached to neither seasons or circumstance, just a spirit in the pages of earth, air and water. . . blown across our world from one place to the next. Season to season and back again.



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