Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sometimes it snows in April...


  1. I am still rather in shock. . . I am still recovering from the loss of Bowie and now Prince. It's funny, the thing I will remember most is how Prince challenged and changed so much of what I thought of as "cool" in the 80's. Like most young people I couldn't imagine that anything I was into, be it music, fashion, hair color etc would ever change or become passe. But along came Prince and redefined what was cool. . . and suddenly the 80's "British Invasion" wasn't it any more. lol I despised him (not really) for that but eventually got over it. It may seem bad to say this but I really could not imagine Prince getting "old". so it seems fitting somehow that he will be frozen in time for us all. . .

  2. Frozen in time........... you couldn't have said it better, thank you for that Nicolas. Like you I am also deeply affected by this tremendous loss, what an otherworldly being he was. I saw him live in Melbourne in 2003, I paid $95 and would have paid 5 x that much if not more, it was just incredible. And I'll never forget it. Thanks for dropping by to comment. xx


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