Monday, April 18, 2016

The Story Continues

These Storytellers may be filling up with writings, 
scribblings, drawings & things, 
around the world - 

How I would long to see them,
full and exploding with ink & paint -
or bits of collected this & that.

I stained the paper, only to further
enhance it with more staining...
the pages are rich, mottled wonders.

When I found it, 
this delightful decorative paper
filled my inspiration cup,
till it was overflowing,
and I couldn't wait to create with it.


  1. Wow, wow, WOW!!! I love those inside pages. What a thick delicious book!

  2. True beauties, as always but always different and full of surprises!

  3. As always, absolute, divine beauty and inspiration waiting to be sipped from. . or written in!

    We really MUST trade this year! A figurine for you? An "elf sized" Ledgerkeeper book for me?
    Just an idea. . . do let me know what you would like to receive from the world of Nicolas. :)

  4. Nicolas thank you! This one flew the nest last week, and is off to be greeted with myriads of ink and so on, I imagine. I'd love to see it full!! I'd love to trade! Sounds amazing........ A figurine for my elf hut in the woods would be most fitting. Shoot me an email if you like :D As Lucie Tales & Dawn both know, I love to trade! <3


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