Friday, April 15, 2016

Thoughtlands Returns

I return again, to this term 'Thoughtlands' - 
which has produced several books so far, 
each one different in its own aspect. 

This new one is large, and thick - 
very rugged leather which I adored working with. 
It feels lovely to hold.

Autumn is in full swing - 
pine cones are being harvested for the fire. 
Slippers are on. 
The morning air, crisp once again. 
The sunsets, earlier, richer -

I remember.


  1. Your sunset image is breathtaking, just like all of your artful journals.

  2. Amazing sunset! Our mornings are crisp too but these are spring crispness. And this new journal is so beautiful, love these apparitions of lace in the leather

  3. Love the fragility of the lace with the ruggedness of the leather - as always such a beautiful combination. and the sunset - lovely.


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