Thursday, May 26, 2016


I've been hankering to make this book design once again.


amidst the ferocious wind & rain we have had of late, 
I found the time to crank up the heater,
 and cocoon in the atelier with my boxes & vessels,
 & various tools of the trade.

I got a murky cellphone mugshot of the process.

Sometimes these days are delights.

The olde green press doing its work next to my apron & leather lace.


An authentic vintage Hungarian playing card begins an untold story...

432 heavily stained pages....

The thick lace adorned spine...


  1. I love a warm studio when the weather is stormy and cold. I can picture you there being the creative genious you are.

  2. The old press truly brings the scene to life! Days like those, with the rain and wind enveloping the studio, must be delicious days indeed. . . and the sense of creativity and possibility in all of your surroundings and supplies. You can almost see the visible swirl of magik in the air. :)

    And oh, the Hungarian playing card!!! That's a delight!


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