Friday, June 3, 2016

(More) Moments

Originally, it was just going to be blue. 

Underneath the lace the covers,
is some of my vintage blue buckram cloth, 
which I adore... 
but when I saw it with lace also, 
this became something else.

This unique little book would make 
a wonderful wedding guest book, 
but I can also imagine
 someone scribbling away thoughts in it,
in the corner of a cafe somewhere.

So it was officially the first day of winter on the 1st of June.

It made itself known, with a little hailstorm.

We never get snow about the place, 

but this seemed close enough,
and lighting the fire was all the more



  1. That blue peeking through!
    You know I love storms, too. I love the wind and the rain pelting against the windows...the wind in the hair.

    1. ...It worked :) Thank you Dawn, yes I love the stormy rainy photos you have posted in the past.. I think in winter storms I am down the beach more often than summer :) x

  2. Oh, wonderful!
    I agree--winter storms are dramatic and atmospheric. I love them.

  3. OK, somehow I just saw that I've apparently never "followed" your blog. .. but I just did and became follower number 200!! Hoorah! :)

    Ohhhh don't get me started on summer. I swear I have reverse SADS and get melancholy when it is too nice out for too many days. I am already counting the days til June 22nd and the days will begin to become shorter again. lol And the storms of winter. . . sigh. . . nothing is as exhilarating to me as the wind and sideways rain we are blessed with here. :)

    And that journal is sooooooo delightful! The lace and hint of blue beneathe is just exquisite!

    Wonderful work as always Louise. Enjoy the Winter days to come and feel free to ship them back this way sooner rather than later! XO :)

    1. Nicolas, that's so funny, I never noticed. Only a few of the 199 comment if read at all, I always appreciate you stopping by! But now my numbers look even better. :) Your idea of reverse SADS resonates with me immensely. I think I too, have this. I like spring and autumn as well, breeze & change everywhere. Especially spring, and the sights of new life in nature. Vivaldi captured this beautifully! Sideways rain and sleet with wind, yes please :D As long as you have a giant coat that works well, it's brilliant to be in and blow those cobwebs south. I'll bottle you some winter. :)

  4. A beauty, this lace is beautiful!
    Well we had a hailstorm too, but at the beginning of the summer!... pellets were the size of a ping pong ball.
    This little café seems so cozy!

    1. Thank you, Lucie! I saw that you also had a hail storm, sounds amazing! I recall giant hail stones like that in Sydney (Australia) they would leave dents in cars! This is not a cafe, it's my house :D xx


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