Thursday, June 9, 2016

Rainy Thursday Creations

In between bouts of grey stormy skies
and intermittent humid rain,

I scurried back & forth with white dry paper 
to stain for a few hours,
whilst also fetching the wet & stained pieces to dry.

In my monotonous meditative state, 
I took each piece, 
one by one,
and laid them out flat like a puzzle. 

The radio hummed. 
I saw journals in the making.

I began to create & worked right through the day
and found my niche.

These rainy wintry days, 
are little sanctuary's.

Two new journals in store.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to "work"and it sure looks like you found your groove ... a really lovely pair.

  2. Awesome new journals! and I love your words XXX

  3. Louise. . . beautiful work and words as well. :) Having just had one of those rainy days here, I completely relate. . . nothing is better for my focus and meditative concentration than the pulse of rain on the roof or, if the wind is right, hitting the windows. . . the world is so much quieter then and devoid of people on the street. . . and it's how I, most days, prefer it.

  4. Yes, that state of flow is sacred. I love what you came up with, Louise.

  5. such beauty - in both your creations, and your meditative process with the hum of the radio - uninterrupted (my favourite type of day!)


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