Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Miniature Library Emerges...

I've had this box for a long time, 
it is Japanese, and one of my favourite things.

Not only is the detail sublime, 
but opening it, one finds it to be lined with wood.

I love the combination of these two elements.

Only recently I saw it full of tiny books....
and my wanting to keep it forever, 
went out the window.

This is now part of a small art piece in the making. 

I love creating these miniature libraries, 
and haven't done so for some time.

There is something quietly calming, 
within the meditation of hand tearing each tiny page to size,
folding them all into six sections of three,
making incisions in the paper,
arranging them into groups, and
binding them together with linen thread.

The thread I use here is a 2 ply thread,
 as opposed to the usual 4 ply that I use on my larger books.

After I glued the little books and left them to dry,
I added some linen to protect the pages. 

This is only stage four, as I was waiting for headbands to arrive.

But as sometimes the blog is about progress, 
the finished piece is still to come.

It will have a Buddhist theme of sorts,
but whoever decides to take it,
might think of it as just a pretty, old box,
full of tiny books.

Watch this space.


  1. Just simply incredible. I love the rustic antique quality, it is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Dawn, it is a joy to make!

  2. So lovely! I save so many little boxes because I always imagine them containing such handmade treasures one day but, in truth, they just pile up on my shelf waiting for the idea to arrive. : ) I cannot wait to se the completed piece!! I am inspired. . .

    1. Oh you sound like me, collecting little vessels - probably because we both make little creatures :) It will be revealed in a week or so. x


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