Thursday, July 14, 2016

In the Moment

 These days I feel very much in the moment. 
Creating seems to come with ease & flow. 
Amidst the winter mornings, 
I take quiet moments in a cafe to journal and reflect. 

Then to the atelier where I create journals,
in which others may reflect. 
Those I may never meet, who may go places I might never go. 

This in itself - it's like a sparkle to me. 
The unknown, 
that allows me to imagine and wonder. 

In my quiet moments, 
this is what I do.
Imagine, and wonder.

I figure it's good to always keep the mind sharp.
Sharp as a razor.
Stimulate, educate -
be alert, aware and awake.

With wet ground underfoot and clear blue sky above,
I arrived at the atelier the other morning,
and immediately began taking photographs. 

Here I share these sights taken around my atelier.

majestic native trees

this odd collection of wonder...

always captures my eye..

preserved in stone..
antique French mangle cloth..

hand-aged and drying in the morning sun..

excited to use this in some up & coming journals..
The Daisy Journal 

The Storyteller

The Traveler


  1. How prolific you are, and each more beautiful than the next...Rustic Reverie SOLD, as I knew it would...such beauty from one pair of hands!

    1. Thank you Dawn, I enjoyed making the last one and may make more variations of it. Thanks for stopping by! x

  2. Winter looks as lush there as it does here! Sometimes I miss the heavy snowfall of my youth. . . the utter and complete silence it brought to the world . . . but the rain here does this in a way too. Walking in our "winter", be it on a beach or in the woods, almost guarantees solitude and a host of creatures one might only see on such a wet and windy day. :)

    So lovely to get a peek at the world around you and the new creations are, as always, inspired and a delight!!

    1. Winter is fairly lush up here, Auckland has a sub tropical climate so is often humid as well, the plants go crazy. Yes I completely agree... I love to be outside this time of year, the cold slap in the face of air is such wonderful food for the soul. And if sideways rain comes, a bonus ;) Thanks for stopping by. xx


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