Monday, July 18, 2016

Something new..

This new journal, I am really loving.

It's been a week -
 working through the stages;

tearing, staining, 
drying & pressing the paper,

preparing the reclaimed leather cover,

adding the fabric & endpapers.

& stitching the book.

I was thrilled to find some fabric,
that matched the endpapers well.


  1. Of course, when I spoke of libraries in my response to your comment the other day, what I had in mind was a library filled with books of THIS quality and design. :) Works of art. . . so lovely and soulful Louise!

    Even in the images, the love, care and vital essence you insert thru your creative process shows.

  2. You create such beauty Louise.... in your books, your words, your photographs and your collections of nature (previous post). What a delightful visit I have had today. Thank you

    1. Kim, thank you so much. That's lovely :) xx


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