Monday, August 15, 2016


I resurrected some book covers I created some years ago. 

I kept them on the side, 
as initially what I had done was measured the paper wrong, 
and somehow it didn't look right. 
I had put it aside in favour of other projects at the time. 

I knew there would come a day 
when I would find that twinkle in my eye 
and all the materials would fall together in a flash, 
to complete this little book. 

And so it goes. It happened over 3 days.

I had just enough paper left,
just enough of everything for this to work.
I love the spine, 
and will be making more like this.

The covers came from a vintage leather bag 
which I found at a flea market over 5 years ago.

Since it has such a bohemian appearance,
 I am calling it Prairie Dreams.


  1. It's very has an ancient mysterious look : )

  2. I am totally inspired! That's the look and air of magik I imagine for my storied Ledgerkeepers books! :) I love the binding, the covers the beautiful stitching! Isn't it amazing how something, after months or years, just falls into place again and finds it's place in your world? The covers, papers, cloths. . . collected jewels that find their place together in a new creation. So lovely!


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