Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blues & Bindings

It happened the other day, 
when I found myself carrying 
a huge roll of Fabriano paper up the drive.

Soon after, 
I was knee deep in indigo.

I loved creating this new book. 
It has a worn, primitive appeal - a personality.

This next book is a style I haven't made for a while,
only in miniature.

It is a closed spine soft covered binding.

These take longer, and I must say,
I love seeing their spines,
before I glue the leather on.


  1. You have such a beautiful style of making.

  2. I often forget how emotive the color blue can be for me. . .I never wear blue, have nothing blue around in my studio . . . but then I am immediately drawn to it, be it in a fine handmade book, a swath of old fabric or the color of skies and water. . . that little book is saturated with mood and evocative energy. I am not surprised it didn't last long in your shop! :)

  3. This blue book is awesome! and I never tire of the lace edge leather, gorgeous!


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