Friday, September 2, 2016


Lately I've taken to creating a new line of necklaces. It stemmed from trying to focus on clearing out some of my studio stash - and failing miserably at taming the creative lion along the way. 

So, I let him out.

As you do.

Hence, I worked amongst a plethora of leather bits, fabric, trims, lace & thread - with stains on my fingers from hand-aging some old wooden spools, which caught my eye as well. I think in this life, I may have benefited by being part octopus.

I am sure many of you artist readers can relate to bouts of creative inactivity, as much as times you really do have the best of intentions to do as many things at once, in case the ideas slip away as fast as they arrive.

Grab them or they are gone, right?

So these little ones appeared. A few have sold, but I have shared the images below. I am enjoying these little things - and seemingly, happily - so are my lovely customers.

You can find my miniature wearables for sale HERE 

Back to the piles of stuff...........



  1. I can imagine women all over the world, book lovers and readers and writers, members of entire writer's clubs and book-reading seminars, and the lone reader, all wearing one of your book necklaces. They are beautiful.

    1. Thank you Dawn, it would be a dream come true! :D

  2. I would love to be sitting with you in that studio ... all the littles are so lovely!

    1. That would be lovely indeed (once I tidy up, hehe)

  3. I love the feeling of having all these little bits and bobs and ends and gathering them all up, deciding to create whatever comes. . . and something always seems to come.

    These little book "jewels" are lovely!

    Oh the creative lion. . . untamable though it can be, is surely a majestic and magical beastie just the same. lol


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