Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pause -

The paper, linens, 
leather & thread
 are entwining around my fingers-
weaving in my thoughts;
 sometimes I lose myself.

Blue sky calls me outside, intermittently,
and I walk in the spring sunshine -
nature's perfume trickling through the air.

The current journal I am writing in for personal use,
given to me by a friend, is almost full.

I have decided to keep one I made for the store
 - for myself.
I haven't done this before
 - yet, I feel good about it.

It is this.

New journals followed me home today. 
I wonder, 
where they will go next.
(as I typed the above, one decided to go to Australia)


  1. I have been an admirer of your wonderful art/work for years and know that I would never be able to pick a favorite, I fall in love with each one.

  2. That's great that you're keeping one of your beauties for yourself :-D

  3. I too could never choose a favorite. . . though I have to say that Resurrection, very one you kept for yourself is definitely among them. :)

    "Pause" is absolutely stunning! It has a very magical vibe to it. . . a sort of animated natural swirl of Magik!

    And yes, we create so much for others that it does seem that we can forget to indulge in the offering of our own creations on occasion, just for ourselves. . .


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