Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bound to Blue

I think -


 I am.

It's my morning running route,
of late -
which stimulates this work.


To this.

I had two more panels of the linen,
from the previous post.

So there will be another one,
a little rustier in colour.

Things get a bit messy,
in process.

but without mess,

there should be cause for concern.



  1. Louise, I love that shade of indigo blue, and the wateriness of it--gorgeous place to go running, too!

  2. This:
    "but without mess, there should be cause for concern."

    YES. . . utterly! :)

    Such a beautiful vista in your world. . . I shall soon again be venturing to similar places here now that summer has gone, the tourists departed, it is possible to go to the beach on a day like this (rain-soaked and gray) and be the ONLY person there. .. not a human footprint to be seen. To stand at the edge of the world, look into that expanse and dream of discovery. . .

  3. From the gorgeous water images to the stunning art pages, I am so in love.

  4. louise, these papers are rich and beautiful, your heart must sing while working with them.


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