Saturday, October 22, 2016

Late October Days

Spring is in full swing -

the heater is no longer needed in the atelier,
and instead, 
I can venture outside,
to turn my face to the warming sun.

My work is taking a small turn,
albeit an unplanned one -
and I find myself able to writher out of an old skin,
with ease.

A skin - that I thought was fine,
until suddenly it felt like something needed
to be shed.

So on it goes.

Where it will take me? I'm not sure yet.
But I am in for the long haul.

New in the shop:
little things, 
                                  and bigger things.


a half-hour drive out west,
I have a new project in full swing.


October 5

October 12

These pots were from early October,
and I have come out with my 
little scissors and snipped at them,
so have a new batch growing already.

It always amazes me how fast these grow.

I tried this 2 years ago with success,
but didn't have the right juicer.

Fixed that,
and I must say this liquid oxygenated chlorophyll
is a little miracle.



  1. I love the journals with the vintage pretty. fun. I grew some with my children when they were small, but I've never tried juicing it...sounds energizing!

    1. Thank you Vicki, I am enjoying working with natural fibers immensely. What did you do with your wheatgrass? It grows so fast, doesn't it! I love to wake up and find it is 1 inch taller :) Thanks for stopping by.x

  2. little things, bigger things, old & new things ... all to be treasured. I love how change comes to us sometimes quietly.

  3. Spring is the time for renewal and rebirth. . . funny how we are slipping into Autumn and hibernation here. Ideas brewing and stories swirling. . . so that in 6 months they can find their light in the air of Spring too.

    Wheatgrass is amazing. We grow it mostly for our cat these days who loves to nibble on it while sitting on the windowsill . . . makes him feel like a jungle cat when it is tall enough I think!

    The treasure trove of mini books is a joy to see! I like the thought of a tiny elf-student hauling those little tomes around, each filled with symbols and screeds and spells and tiny details of natural wonders. :)


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