Friday, November 18, 2016


These Storyteller journals I have been making have been popular, so I have now got two in the store at one time. Although each one is unique, and the leather is a mix of patches in my recycled stash. They can take up to a week to create, but the finished pieces always please me - and their new owners.

This one features antique French mangle cloth.

I added alot of embossed patterns here...
The leather has a worn, old appearance.
Thick aged pages...
This is my favourite decorative paper, I hand aged it.

I love that this book is so dark and old looking.
Opening it, makes me want to write or create.
This decorative paper is a delight.
Thick, old pages - individually stained & pressed.
The two toned leather shows here, I love the mix.
  Meanwhile, I have been planning for a couple of Christmas craft markets, and working on some custom orders. Here is a sneak peak, of the most giant book I have ever created. It's far from complete, but we are on our way. It weighs over 5 kilos.


  1. Louise, your books are always a delight in the hand and for the eyes. These are beautiful in their individuality. Priceless!

    1. Thanks so much Dawn, that means alot coming from you :) x

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