Sunday, January 8, 2017


Of late,

I am moved by silence.

If music plays -

I like something like this.

Or better yet, 

watch it with this.

Books are amounting,

and summer -

 still wants to hide

behind spring's coat.


we wait.



ponder & wander.

Book pile from my shelf, 2009. Ravi Shankar won.

making a sun print (cyanotype) with findings on the grass.

a little gypsy-like journal - which I have warmed to rapidly.

a sample of many new creations to come, with variations on the spine work.

the local neighbourhood.

my home, beautiful Karekare beach. 


  1. ...dreamy place you come from, and worlds in your books. X

  2. We've been catching some great views on Nat. Geo. of New Zealand, what a magical place! love the street sign in your neighborhood and the books on your shelves.

  3. Oh that gypsy journal really calls to the wandering heart, does it not? : )

    Lovely glimpses into the world around you Louise and that beach. . . sigh. . . there are a few here where, even in summer, the tourists do not find them and it remains a place one can walk in solitude almost all year around.

    The new creations are STUNNING! Can't wait to see more images of those gorgeous works. Enjoy the moments and days of quietude!

  4. I have spent such a lovely morning visit here.I loved seeing the images of your world. I then peacefully and with so much joy,listened and watched as you suggested. I browsed through images of your stunning creations both here and on Etsy - zooming in to see as much details as possible. Now I am off to create some books of my own and enjoy the silence that surrounds me on what is a winter day in my world.
    Thank you for the beautiful start to my day.


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