Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sun Rising on the New Year

It's happening, out the window-
and soon I'll be out in it,
basking in the morning sun,
the warmth tickling my cheek.

In the first days of the year,
I have been squirreling away in my atelier,
creating and relishing
in quiet moments with my books.

The first of a new selection of these creations,
I have shared below, 
and there are more to come.

This one is my favourite.

I've saved the pouch for years, and have a few more,
I came upon them by a stroke of luck.

This petite journal is 5 x 4 inches,
and is filled with 192 pages (384 counting each side)
of richly stained deed laid paper.
Many, many hours of labor went into this,
all the while,
love & light.


  1. I see someone needed a little Mood Indigo to start their own new year! How wonderful!! Every moment you pour into your creations mirrors your heart and soul and it s no wonder they all fly home to new caretakers so quickly! The pouch is such a sweet touch too. A book of hidden, internal thoughts fits well into a pouch to keep it all the more secret and safe. :)

    Happy New Year to you Louise and may the sun warm many of the days as the year unfolds before you and may the invisible sun do so when the other is away.

    1. Thank you so much Nicolas. Your blog is so inspiring to me and always has been. Thank you for keeping up with mine all these years - and a happy majikal new year to you too. :)


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