Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Deep Green Pages

A new trio of book necklaces have just landed in my store.

These are all created with recycled leather, and snippets of linen, lace & fabric.

The pages are my hand dyed deep green experiment, which each tiny sheet was stained individually and laid out to dry. I wish I had photographed this, as it was a beautiful sight - lots of tiny pieces of green laid out like a puzzle on the white protective paper underneath. 

I love these little ones and enjoy making them.

You can find them in my store.


  1. I would have like to have seen that--all those glowing little tiles of green--lovely, Louise!

  2. There is such magic to discover in the world of the miniature. Sometimes I think the draw to it is that it seems to be a glimpse into another possible existence. Mini things don't fit "out there" in the larger, sometimes frightening world around us and we can build an entire world in a small space within our own lives that is our own, secret world.

    So many of my favorite things are minis. . . the tiniest seashell or agate found on a massive stretch of beach. Tiny books or scrolls or letters. The mini coins my grandmother gave me years ago or the myriad of things I create, always striving to make them smaller and yet still as detailed. . . it's as if when things are reduced in size they carry twice the magic of their larger siblings. :)

  3. oh how I love little! These are beautiful.


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