Friday, February 24, 2017

The Old Relic

I bought an antique chair recently.

It was falling apart, and I saw it not to sit in - but as re-purposed books. I actually imagined it stripped, and that it might look nicer this way. The back was covered in this old, crackly fabric which looks very similar to book cloth. After setting it down in my studio, I immediately took to it with the Stanley knife, and started to strip it down.

Some of it is left intact, and I ended up leaving it in the corner of my atelier, covered in a giant vintage linen tablecloth (which will too, become part of future books) and a foot stool. I did intend to sit there, but I've only done this twice. I prefer to stand most of the day. I like the homely look of this set up, nonetheless.

I did create the first journal from this fabric, which sold recently. 

Last night I completed the new book, which I have come to love. It's not like my others, in the sense that I have worked this paper heavily. I wanted to create some sort of old relic, hence the name - a spell book of sorts, a mysterious lost diary. I've spent alot of time on this book and feel it will navigate its way to the right owner.

The pages prior to going in the press


  1. ...such a beautiful elegant delicousness to this one, Louise.

  2. Wonderful idea to work on the chair yourself! At my home, some furniture is still waiting to be revitalized by me. I like your books very much! They are a good inspiration for me for my own book projects.
    Best regards


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