Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Botanica & Storyteller

I'm still on the super thick journal roll. 

With the success of my storyteller books, I have decided to make this a permanent in my store. I started making them in 2013, and not one of them has stuck around for long. I make variations on each one, but they usually feature one of my delicious large antique keys. This time around I tweaked the book by leaving the leather uncut on the back, as I liked the rusticity of it - and adding this wonderful vintage backing plate which has a distinct weather beaten appearance.

In addition, I have been working away on 'Botanica' which I have just released into the store. This book features vintage hand embroidered linen on the spine - a design which I adopted 4 years ago, and have continued to flow into the vision I hold for my book designs. I will never tire of this combination. 

This particular book features antique paper ephemera from botanical charts and specimens dating around the 1830's. It would make an ideal book for the botanist, herbalist, naturopath or plant enthusiast. There is so much joy to be had, in creating these journals - I am losing myself in them. A larger one is in the making at the moment, in between custom work.


  1. True craftsmanship, beautiful details.

  2. Pure gold--each and every one of your journals. Your distinctive style and the years of hard work and design-savy, your experience and innovation--it shows miles above the crowd.

    I am not surprised in the least that the botanical has been SWEPT away!

    1. You are too kind, Dawn. It did go fast, Botanica. I loved creating this one. xx

  3. In a world where beauty and magick will always be sought and desired, these journals fill a need in that space. I feel like every book you create is truly a work of art but these two are simply brimming with that swirling energy and are calling out to be found (and I see they both have been!).

    My recent trip revealed that I have, indeed, created a world around me that sustains such magick but that there are so many people, places, in between realms where that search for light, that wish for possibility and that desire for a world of creativity is so great. . . This post is like a home coming. :) Thank you for being a part of the magical world thru your work and words.


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