Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Little Things

Recently I was commissioned to make a miniature travel journal.

One of the conditions was that I fit as many pages as possible, into the small size. My customer had limited space in her bags and wanted something easily transportable and light. I managed to get 18 signatures here, amounting to 432 pages counting both sides.

The new owner was thrilled with the outcome. I loved creating this and may create more this size.. it was only 2 x 4 inches. A real cutie.
After this I got on a miniature roll, and took apart a very old miniature Navajo Indian wallet I have had for a long time.

 It was such a beautiful wallet and I was troubled to do this at first but I got over myself, as you do. I was thrilled to discover three parts to play with, each with its own wonder. I chose the lining to create this miniature book, which you can now find in my store.


Summer is coming to a close. Mornings & nights are darker earlier. I have reached for my slippers, and notice the pot belly fire open its sleepy eyes ready for logs.

Nothing seems to stop the cicadas, which sing all through the night, and drown out nearly every other sound. I remember them in Australia, nothing quite like it - they were almost barking. I never saw an Australian cicada, only heard them. My imagination, of course got the better of me.

I pick up my linen thread, and carry on.


  1. Oh! Louise! The little custom one is total perfection and the old wallet lent you some wonderful material to create with.
    I love that you keep picking up your pretty linen threads xo

  2. I'm Loving my little treasure ! Jill

    1. Lovely to find you here, Jill! So thrilled it finally made it - quite an adventure! xx

  3. Unbelievably beautiful, Louise! I was waiting for you to list it--I had no idea it was a custom...yummy stuff!

    1. Thanks Dawn, it was fun to make this little one. Might be something I will return to. I do deal with alot of customers outside of Etsy as well.


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