Thursday, March 30, 2017

Re-visitations & Flying the Nest

I created a couple new books and was gearing up to share, when both flew the nest before I could blink. Sometimes I browse through past creations and start tinkering with my designs, to incorporate the old & the new, as my perspective alters through time.

Loved creating these books, and I have several in the making, in various stages of completion - which will be drip fed into my store as each one is finished.

Double Expression returned (and is returning) with my twist on the spine, this signature design I have come to incorporate into many of my books. This is a brand new design, which you can expect to see more of in my future work.

The Double Journal prior to stitching the pages in.

The Little Artist returned, and another is in progress.


Lastly, Tapestry Tales which first featured 3 years ago, made a comeback.


  1. It doesn't surprise me in the least that your books and journals FLY out of the shop, and that you have return customers...they know a good thing!

    1. Thanks Dawn! I thought I'd got ahead, but it wasn't to be! It's nice when someone appreciates all the time and love, makes it all the more worthwhile - I know you get it! xx

  2. I am surprised any of your books remain in your shoppe these days! The Double Journals are pure majik! Second stories, second chances, second sight. . . they lend themselves to such spirited uses. And EVERYONE needs a Little Artist! :) Beautiful as always. . .


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