Tuesday, September 26, 2017


While my shoppe stands almost bare, I am behind the scenes tinkering away every day of the week on new books. I plan to only release a few at a time leading up to Christmas. 

There are larger recycled leather journals featuring various textiles & trims awaiting their finishing touches; others are half way through, some are still forming in my mind. A tidy up takes place, only to need repeating the next day, and the next. 

What is a studio without a little chaos, I say. So let that mess be. It means stuff is happening, the creativity is pouring from you. 

Here is a preview of the larger books I have brewing.

*All Sold Out

I considered also returning to a design which I have repeated many times over the years - my 'Bundler' & 'Wrapture' books which open up like a present. You can see more of these here

Meanwhile I have been stitching miniature books at night. Two more little artists made it into the store last night. One sold within minutes but the other remains for the time being. I have come up with a new twist on this design, combining my other elements into it. Each time I create one of these I look forward to the next.

Here is the black one, which has sold.

And the little brown one, which I have covered with remnants of the vintage jacket leather, and a tiny snippet of some gorgeous green linen from this book (& also this book) a while back, which I saved a sliver because I loved it so much. I wish I could find more of this linen. 

You will find more necklaces with these combination elements of my work, 
in store leading up to Christmas. 
Keep an eye out on Facebook & Instagram. 


  1. i just love all your art, those big ones are totally stunning and the little bundles are so very special. you sure keep very busy in that studio!

    1. Thank you Susan! I love making books, it's my happy place. X

  2. Oh--WOW! Just so much beauty in the making...

  3. So hard to believe it is that time already! The "leading up to Christmas" time. It's going to be a messy, frantic few months here, that's for certain!!

    The large journals are quite stunning as are the old Wrapture pieces Louise. . . I never saw those before. :)

    Keep to your happy place and make-away! Hoping the days ahead are filled with light, love, soul and serenity!! xx


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