Monday, September 18, 2017

The Little Artist Returns

I have made and sold so many of these now,
 after first coming up with this design a few years ago. 

They are incredibly fiddly little things, 
but as with all bookbinding techniques,
 they teach me alot of patience.

 There is a sense of slowing down for the mind, 
when I am working. 

Many other artists will understand this.

Now listed, The Little Artist



  1. Ohhh yes, I understand it so well Louise! It seems I am driven sometimes to try and make things smaller and smaller, all the while reveling in the fiddly nature of the task! :) Patience, attentiveness and a closeness with the work itself too. All of those things play a part. . . as does the magic of holding something so tiny and otherworldly in our hands when complete. The Little Artist is an entire world of possibilities waiting to be discovered. Such lovely, lovely work as always!

    1. These aren't the smallest, Nicolas ;) See earrings in previous post! So lovely to find you here. I have hardly been blogging much but I try to make the effort to do so. Thank you for stopping by. :)

  2. No wonder it's sold already. So adorable!


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